A short view on akida e alhle sunnah wal jamah


 short view on Akida e Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah
How can we provide Islam
My dear brothers and elders what is the meaning Islam? Islam means peace and another hidden meaning is love. My dear brothers our prophet (sm) has provided Islam through love. Once Rasulullah (sm) was going to Nazad (Riad) in the mean time he sat under a tree and took rest, suddenly an assassin came with sword and said oh Mohammad who will save you from me today. Prophet (sm) replied ‘Allah’. He again asked who will save you from me today. Prophet (sm) replied Allah, Allah. Suddenly the sword dropped and Prophet (sm) picked it up and said who will save you from me today. Will you accept Islam? He replied no ya Mohammad, I never accept Islam. Prophet (sm) forgave him. When he entered his community he told everything to the people and he told the mercy of Prophet (sm). The whole locality accepted Islam (Musnal Ahmed ibne Hakim)
The uncle of Prophet (sm) named Amir Hamza who was killed by Wasi. Wasi covered his face and came to Prophet (sm) and said to Prophet (sm) I have accepted Islam. Prophet (sm) asked have you killed my uncle. Wasi disclosed everything to Prophet (sm). Prophet (sm) could not tolerate it and he burst into tears. Prophet (sm) forgave him and said you are free. Respected brothers this is the mercy of Prophet (sm) the mercy of Islam. 
One Quranic verse which is commonly misquoted 
Surah Tauba verse number 5: ‘Kill every non Muslim when you find them.’ This is confusing to the young people. You know all the radical Muslims that we have today on the name of Jihad the end of killing people, Muslims and non Muslims brothers by the name of Islam. This is the quranic verse which they present. This is the verse which they recite. Why does it happen? Those who invite the version of Islam. This version of Islam which the Prophet (sm) warned. Prophet (sm) told us about these people 1400 years ago.
Shahi Bukari, Sahi Muslim, Sunane Nasai: Prophet (sm) stated that they will recite Quran these people will remain in my ummah, until the last group of this people join with dazzal, they will be young passionate people but they will be brain-washed people. On the name of Islam, they will kill people. 
Do you not see that? Now we understand that why people deny the unseen knowledge of people. Why they hide themselves? If they agree Prophet (sm) has the knowledge of unseen their hypocrisy will catch. The problem is the young people are away from our tradition. We don’t study our tradition, we don’t know our tradition. Now this quranic verse is out of context. They don’t reap the tafsir of the verse and for this reason they are misguided. Read the complete verse of the Quran. They recite verse 5 but they ignore verse 6. Allah says in this battle field oh Prophet (sm) when you are against them and they are attacking you they are killing you whenever you find them kill them in this battle field not other situation. Every general army would say that to his army in this battle field. In this battle field when someone is attacking someone is killing you to defend your life kill them. This quranic verse shows the mercy of Prophet (sm). 
In verse 6, Sura Tauba: Allah says during this battle field if anyone of them silent, if they seek your protection gives them protection. Let them listen the kalam of Allah and then take them the place of security, take them to their peaceful place and go with him as a protector.
Can you imagine this? Someone is attacking you it’s a possibility to attack you again. Tell me brothers can history display the example of mercy than the mercy event of the quran. This quranic verse is misguided by some aggressive people. Please my dear brothers save you from them and your relatives and save Islam. Practice your real tradition. 
The superiority of Prophet (sm)
Respected brothers and elders please give attention Allah has not revealed quran to general people. Allah has revealed to his Prophet (sm). That means there is one tongue two kalam. How can we say this is Quran and this hadith. When Prophet (sm) said this is quran we believe that this is quran and when he said this hadith we believe that this is hadith. That mean if you want to know the proper Islam we have to follow the Prophet (sm).
Surah al Ajahab, verse no 6: My prophet is closer than their soul. That mean who ignore that Prophet (sm) is not close to me and dead and gone (najubillah) is not a believer and he is not Muslim.
Muslim and Bukhari: Prophet (sm) stated that I am close to every single believer not only in the earth but also thereafter. 
So respected brothers if we are Muslim, if we are believer, we must believe that Prophet (sm) is close to us than our soul. Because it is proven by Quran and Hadith.
Surah Anfal verse No 17: O my habib you didn’t throw Allah himself has thrown it. Respected brothers when Prophet (sm) was surrounded by Kuffar and during Hijrat Prophet (sm) took some sands and threw to the kuffar. It was thrown by Prophet (sm) but Allah says that Allah himself has thrown it. Ali (R) stayed in the home Prophet (sm). Prophet (sm) said O Ali gives this amanat to the kuffar and you also come to the Madina. ALI (R) said, that night of sleeping was the best sleep of my life. Sahabi said what are you saying? You are surrounded by kuffar. Ali (R) replied that the angel of death can never come until I reach Madina because Prophet (sm) said u also come to madina.
 Surah Anfal verse No 24: O People who believe respond immediately when Allah and his noble messenger cal. Allah never call to general people. Allah calls general people through his Prophet (sm).
Bukhari: abu sayed ibne mullah narrated I offered salah. During salah Prophet (sm) saw me and called me. I took short my salah. After completing my salah I came to the holy court of Prophet (sm). Prophet (sm) said dint you read the verse of quran where Allah says O People who believe respond immediately when Allah and his noble messenger cal. Respected brothers what can we learn from it. We can learn the superiority of Prophet (sm). If Prophet (sm) calls you must break you salah.
Surah Alfatah verse No. 10: Allah’s Hand is above their hands. At the time of Hudabia Prophet (sm) sat under a tree and took bayat from sahabi. All the sahabi gave their hands upon the hand of Prophet (sm) and what Allah said. Allah’s hand is above their hands. Allah has no hands and Allah posses no body. Allah is free from shape. This is the mercy of Allah to those people who gave upon the hand of Prophet (sm). My dear brothers important thing is that Hajrat Osman (R) was not present at that time. He was sent Makkah by direction of Prophet (sm). When he entered the Makkah , the Kuffar said as you came to the Makkah, you can tawaf the kabah. He replied I never tawaf without Prophet (sm) because without Prophet (sm) nothing is accepted to Allah. Prophet (sm) said that this hand is for Osman and I accepted him also.
Bukhari: During illness of Prophet (sm), Hajrat abu bakkar (R) conducted the Fzar Salah. The imam was Abu Bakkar (R) because Prophet (sm) couldn’t lead the salah. When the sahib completed 1 rakhat Prophet (sm) stayed out the curtain of Hujra. A nur came from the blessed face of Rasul. By this nur the whole Masjid e nababi was enlightened. All the sahabi including Abu bakkar turned their face to left at face of Prophet (sm) from Kabah. If we aside from kabah, our salat will be broken. Prophet (sm) singled out that continue your prayer. There salah was totally correct because they see kabah of kabah. 
The unseen knowledge of Prophet (sm)
Surah Jin verse 26: The knower of unseen does not reveal secret to anyone except his chosen rasul 
Surah Nisa verse 113: Allah has taught what you did not know 
Sura Al imran verse 44: None he will disclose secret to you but he chooses of his rasul
 Bukari chapter Bada ul khalk: Prophet (sm) stood up in one meeting and he started to tell us about events from the beginning of this to the end. He told to us about heaven and hell, who were going to hell and who were going to heaven what will be their places. 
Muslim chapter on fadia: Prophet (sm) led the fazar prayer and sat on the pulpit and until johor he told the people of things about unseen. After johor he said on the pulpit and continued until asor. After asor he continued until magrib. He even informed of the dwealers of paradise and hell. 
Musnad Ahmed ibne humble: Prophet (sm) stated I have seen my lord, he put his hands upon my chest after which everything appeared before me and I recognized everything.
Muslim, chapter the Excellency of Prophet (sm): Allah put the earth before me and I saw it from the east to the west.
Siratunnabi (Ibne kasir), muktasar seratur Rasul (Abdul Wahab Nazadi): Suad Ibne Karib recited a poem in front of the Prophet (sm), I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and he has made you trustee overall unseen. 
Sahi bukari and Muslim: Anas (R) once Prophet (sm) said my Ummah was shown to me and I saw my entire ummah, the way Adam (ASM) saw his entire Ummah. I saw my entire ummah and I know each and every one of them the believers and non believers. When the hypocrites heard this, they said Prophet (sm) claims that he knows all of his Ummah till the of judgment yet he have ever doesn’t know us, we are with him. Prophet (sm) came to his Mimbar where are those hypocrites who say that I don’t know my Ummah. O people ask me, ask me today from till of the Day of Judgment. Ask me about everything I will inform you today. Many sahabi started to cry but Prophet (sm) said Aske me you criticize my knowledge. A man stood up and asked where will I go? Prophet (sm) replied you will be in hellfire. Another man stood up and said who my father is?  Prophet (sm)  replied Abu Hudaifa. Another sahabi stood and said who my father is? Prophet (sm) replied Abu salim. Is it enough for you? Ask me, ask me. Umar(R) felt at the foot of Prophet (sm) and said Forgive them. They don’t understand your status. 
Are the prophets are alive in their graves?
Surah Al Bakarah, 154: And say not of those who are slain (martyred) in the way of Allah, they are dead.
The statuses of prophets are upper than the martyrs.
Sahi Muslim: Anas bin malik narrated, Prophet (sm) stated that I happened to pass by Musas (A) on the night journey and I found him praying his prayer in the grave.
Bi Haqi Hiatul Ambia page 3: Anas bin Malik narrated, Prophet (sm) stated the the prophets are alive in their graves.
Sunane Ibne Majah, Vol 1, hadith 1626, 1627: Aws bin Aws narrated Prophet (sm) stated that send a general dealing on me on Friday. Your blessings will be presented to me; sahabi said how our blesseings can be presented to you when you are not in the earth. Prophet (sm) replied Allah has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the prophets, Allah’s prophets are alive and they are given provision. 
Sunane Abu Dawd,2036: Abu hurairah (R) narrated Prophet (sm) stated that if anyone of you greets me, Allah returns my soul to me and I respond to the greeting. 
Abu Dawd,1562: Aws bin Aws (R) Allah has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the prophets.
Tibrani, volume 489: Abdullah Ibne umar(R) whoever visits my grave after my death it is same he has visited me in my life 
Is prophet (sm) like us?
Prophet (sm) is a human being not angel but he is not human being like us. He is a human being of Nur. The originality of Prophet (sm) is Nur. We are just human being. The difference between him and us is the Nur.
Surah AL Maida 15: Indeed there comes to you a light and quran. Here the light is Prophet (sm).
Tafsir ibne abbas, Tafir kabir, tafsir ibne kasir, tafsir tabari, tafsir ruhul bayan, tafsir jalalyn, tafsir madari, tafsir fataul kadir, tafsir baidabi, tafsir ruhul mayani, tafsir majhari, tafsir hakkani, kanjul iman, they all say the nur is the light of Prophet (sm).
Sura Al Azhab verse 7: Remember when I took covenant from you and from the other prophets. 
This covenant took place on the spiritual world not in the earth.
Tafir ibne kasir, tafsir ibne jarir, tafsir e kajim: Abu Huraira (R) narrated Prophet (sm) stated I am the first prophet of all the prophets in my creation. I am the first of all creation and I am the last to come in dunia. 
Sunane tirmizi, tabrani: Abu Huraira (R) narrated Prophet (sm) stated I was the prophet when Adam was between his body and ruh. 
Miskat sharif, tafsir ibne kasir: I am the prophet when Adam was between water and clay.
Sahi Bukari, Muslim: Aisa (R) narrated Prophet (sm) stated oh my companions I am not like you.
Sahi Bukari, Muslim: Ibne Umar (R) narrated Prophet (sm) stated who from amongst you like me? I am not like you.
Tafsir e ruhul bayan: Abu Huraira (R) narrated Prophet (sm) stated O jubrail how old are you? He replied by Allah I don’t know. But one thing I can remember.  I saw star and it appeared after 70000 years and I had seen it 72000 times. Prophet (sm) said by Allah the star is the nor of Prophet (sm). 
Imam Abdur Razzak (the student of Imam Malik, ahmen bin hamble, the teacher of imam bukari) mentioned in his musnnaf: Jabir (R) narrated I asked Prophet (sm) what is the first thing created by Allah? Prophet (sm) replied oh Jabir the first creation was nur of your nabi.
Sura Mariam verse 17: Jibril came in the form of human (basarian sabia). Jibrail is the angel not human being. But when he came to mariam he covered with apparent skin like as human being. Allah denotes jibrail basarian sabia but the originality of jibrail is nor. 
Sura kahab verse 110: I am physically like you. But today this verse is widely misquoted by some hypocrites. They said I am just like you. But here Allah denotes basar not insan. This verse is revealed to the kuffar. When the said if he is the Prophet of Allah why he eats why he marries why he leads his life like us. Then Allah said oh my Prophet (sm) proclaim I am apparently like you.
Tafsir ibne kabir: I am like to show humility to express humbleness.
Wasila through the Prophet (sm) and the people of Allah
Wasila means approach Allah through the mediation of Prophet (sm) and the people of Allah. 
Sura Al Maida verse 35: o people who believe fear Allah seek the means (Wasila) toward him.
Sura Fateha verse 6, 7: Guide us on the straight path, the path of those whom you fevered not the path who earned your anger. 
In this verse Allah taught us a dua where he told that you have to be on those path which the path of Allah and the people of Allah. Who are they? Allah clearly stated in the quran, sura nisa, verse 69, the people are the prophet, the truthful, the martyrs, and the friend of Allah (Soalihin). We can get a clear view in Sura Fetaha that Allah told us to seek wasila by  the people are the prophet, the truthful, the martyrs, and the friend of Allah (Soalihin). 
Sur nisa 64: When they have wronged their own souls, come humble to you (Prophet (sm)) and seek forgiveness from Allah and the noble messenger intercedes for them, they will certainly find Allah the most merciful. 
Tafsir ibne kasir, kanjul iman: narrated by Ali (R) after the physical death of Prophet (sm) an arabi came to the holy rawza of the Prophet (sm) and said I have oppressed myself and I read the quran where Allah said that When they have wronged their own souls, come humble to you (Prophet (sm)) and seek forgiveness from Allah and the noble messenger intercedes for them, they will certainly find Allah the most merciful. I have come to you, please intercedes to Allah for me.
Sunane Nasai, ibne maza, tirmiji: A blind man came to Prophet (sm) who was taught a special doa by Prophet (sm) the man was unable to see from his birth. Prophet (sm) said go for ozu offer 2 rakat nafal and said this doa, oh Allah I asked from you and I turned towards you through the usila of your Prophet (sm). And the blind said with this doa Ya Prophet (sm) Rasul Allah through your wasila I turned towards Allah for my need. 
Anas bin malik narrated when the mother of Ali (R) (Fatema Binta Asad R.) passed, Prophet (sm) made a doa before burying her, Allah the one who gives the life and death and who is living and never will die. Forgive Fatema Binta Asad R. and make the answers of munkar nakir easy for her. Ya Allah through the right of your Prophet (sm) and through wasila of all the prophets. 
Imam Nababi mentioned in his musannaf: when you need help, help me o people of Allah (ayi noni ebad Allah)
Imam Ibne hibban: said I go the mazar of Ali bin Musa and I do doa and Allah accepts my doa.
73 sets divided by the ummah of Prophet (sm)
Musnad ahmen bin hamble: Abdullah ibne Masud (R) narrated, Prophet (sm) drew a line and said this is the path of Allah. After that he drew some line on the right some on the left. And said the straight path is the path of Allah. 
Another narration Prophet (sm) drew a straight line and 6 on the right and 6 on the left and then on each line he drew 6 lines on the left and 6 lines on the right. That means 36 on the right and 36 on the left and one is the straight.  And said this is the path of Allah. The ummah will be divided into 73 sets, 72 will go to the hell and 1 will go to the heaven. 
Al Imran verse 106: some face will become light and some face will become dark.
Imam Jalaluddin suyuti narrated that Prophet (sm) stated this is the people of Ahle sunnah.
Abu syaid kudry narrated that Prophet (sm) stated it is Ahle sunnah wal jamah.
Abbas (R) narrated it is the face of Ahle sunnah wal jamah.
Who are ahle sunnah wal jamah? 
Tirmiji: Abu Huraira (R) narrated Prophet (sm) stated my ummah will be divided into 73 sets. 72 will go to the hell and 1 will go to the heaven. Sahaba asked who they are. This is the path of me and my sahaba. And that is ahle sunnat wal jamah
Sohi Bukari and muslim, Prophet (sm) stated a group of people in my umma remained in hoque at time of me till on the time of judgment.

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